Tire Installation and Balancing

Tire Installation and Balancing

Every installation of a new tire demands balancing the wheels. Re-balancing is also needed, when a tire was demounted for repair. The proper balance for your car improves steering control, traction and increases the life of your new tires. Driving daily on damaged roads could lead to the loss of balancing. But on top of all, no matter how carefully wheels and tires are balanced, in time, they will lose it.

How do you know if you need to install new tires?

The Lincoln coin method is the best to check if the tread depth is the right one or it doesn't fit the normal conditions. It's easy and you don't need to be a specialist to do that. You can do it in front of your home. Analyze the tire and choose the part that you think it's most damaged, take the penny and insert it into the tread, with Lincoln's head down. If the tread passes the head, then the tires are still OK. There are also other possibilities of knowing if your car needs new tires, like visible bulges or blisters. Remember that is very dangerous to drive in such conditions. The tire of the vehicle may blow out.

Without a proper wheel balance, you have to know that you might be in danger. On snowy weather or when you want to break, the car may not respond to your maneuvers or commands. You can recognize very easy if the vehicle is not balanced properly, because it creates a typical vibration which, on higher speeds, gets worst. The speed at which the vehicle produces the vibration differs, according to the type of wheels, the size or the waist of the vehicle. In these cases, you really must take your car at Lincolnwood Car Expert for a balancing inspection. A great team of experts will not only inspect the wheels, but they will also inspect the suspension or the steering, to figure out the real problem and what exactly is causing the vibration.

An inspection at Lincolnwood Car Expert will eliminate premature tire wear. Combined to wheel alignment, balanced wheels will improve the vehicle's performances and will increase the life of your new tires. Using only professional equipments, our team will determine the cause of the problem and will help you to save money. You and your family are the most important so don't delay an inspection at Lincolnwood Car Expert. We will not only take care of your investment, but we will also assist you in choosing the right products for your vehicle.

Tire Repair

Tire Repair

When you're in a hurry, the last thing you need is a flat tire. Every driver experimented the changing of a flat tire under the worst conditions, like a rainy or snowy weather, a cold night on a highway or a very hot summer day. Nobody wants to deal with such situations, but sometimes the luck is not on our side. Changing a tire could be an easy task, but are you sure that you can handle its repairing?
Specialized personnel who uses only professional equipment can repair the tire of you car in no time. Lincolnwood Car Expert provides tire services when you need them. The repairing of your flat tire is very important because you never know when you need an extra tire again.

But how do you know if the tire can be repaired or not?
Lincolnwood Car Expert team inspects your car tires and offers the best tire repair services, as well as a detailed report of the condition of your tires. There are only a few situations when the tire can be repaired:

- the tire was removed on time, so that it was not been driven on when flat;
- the tire is not damaged on a side, it is damaged only on the tread section;
- the puncture is smaller than 1/4 inch.

There are some cases when you could be fulled to think that a steering wheel vibration can appear because of the wheel alignment, but actually the problem is caused because of a tire. To avoid such situations, you have to inspect your tires. Lincolnwood Car Expert technicians can help you to prevent a tire damage, only by performing a minimum check of your tires.

Whenever you have a tire issue, don't postpone the inspection. A small problem could cause real damage and nobody wants that. Even if you need a simple patch, you'll want to have your tires checked, because this can prevent further expensive damages of the car. A great team of experts are available for you at Lincolnwood Car Expert. Using only high quality products and equipments, we can provide specialized teams in tire repairs and replacements. Inspecting the tires of your car, our experts will tell if only a small patch is needed or the tire must be replaced, for your safety.

Better safe than sorry, after every big hole or major obstacle that your car bumps into, pull aside and check your tires. Even if there aren't any visible damages, a quick inspection could get you rid of an expensive repair. Lincolnwood Car Expert is always willing to make things better and to fix your tires with minimum costs.



Wheel alignment helps your car angles to point in the right direction and is very important for the health of your car.
If you're driving and your vehicle starts pulling to one side or you can hear some bizarre beating coming from the back of your steering wheel, then you definitely should pay us a visit, because your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. The safety or the durability of the wheels and tires could sometimes depend on wheel alignment.

What exactly does wheels alignment involves?

For people who are not used with technical terms, it may seem a very complicated process. In fact, 'wheel alignment' involves only three main measurements: caster, camber, and toe. Each of these have standard values, depending on the type of vehicle. Wheel alignment means that your car angles values will get to the standard ones.

What could it happen if the vehicle has misaligned wheels?

Most frequently, if the tires are used on just one side, then your car angles are not in the standard values. Not many of us are aware of the consequences of having incorrect values of wheel alignment. Here are some of the facts that could draw your attention:

- the price of the tires;
- braking distance;
- very dangerous on wet conditions;
- cannot avoid obstacles;
- general discomfort.

If the vehicle pulls to one side, then you definitely have to check the wheel alignment. Not being able to go straight on a road is very dangerous, the steering of the vehicle is affected, as well as the stability at cornering. Besides all these effects, the driver will be very tired because he has to keep the wheel straight all the time.

To prevent these dangerous and expensive effects, Lincolnwood Car Expert offers professional inspection for your vehicle, performed only by specialized and dedicated engineers. Lincolnwood Car Expert alignment services include:                                                                                

- inspection for the suspension and steering system of the vehicle;
- tire condition and air pressure;
- adjust camber, caster and toe angles;

According to the inspection, Lincolnwood Car Expert engineers will come up with the best solution for your vehicle. Remember that a proper wheel alignment will extend the life of your vehicle tires, will save a great deal of money and will keep you and your family safe.

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