Carsxperts offers you a wide range of suspension services to help your car handle all the twists and turns of the road.

Speed, road conditions, wind and even weight distribution affect vehicles in motion. To have an effective navigation under any of those factors, your suspension system needs to be in a very good condition. Worn suspension components may reduce the stability of the vehicle and reduce driver control. If you're experiencing noise over bumps, bouncing, pulling, wandering, crooked steering wheel, Carsxpert technicians perform a complete system evaluation so we can let you know exactly which suspension repairs need to be made in order to get you back on the road safely. The condition of your suspension systems dramatically affects the quality of your ride. The suspension system keeps your car going down the road in a straight line and is also smoothing out the bumps in the road.


Car electronics

If you want to add more functionality to your vehicle, Carsxpert is the best solution. Stop by or call us for an appointment and let our professionals handle the audio or the video system of your car. Don't worry if you don't have one, we will gladly install a new and advanced one, according to your needs. All new devices installed by our team will fit perfectly in your vehicle and will also look great. Let us worry about the electronics in your car and you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied on the road.

Electronic services offered by Carsxpert:
- installation kits;
- replacing or installing accessories;
- replacing or installing security systems;
- installing new technologies: satellite radio, Bluetooth, iPod connections, and GPS.    
- fixing any problems on your audio system;
- installing or replacing DVDs.

Years of experience recommend Carsxpert staff when dealing with auto electronics or service. Fitting of electrical or electronic systems or finding or fixing faults will no longer be a problem, our trained technicians are able to resolve different electrical or electronic problems. Most of the vehicles are controlled by an electric or electronic device, this is why Carsxpert offers a team of specialized engineers, who can repair or replace different components.

Our services are customer focused, offering solutions which will make your driving easier. Whether the alarm system failed or the stereo needs to be replaced, whether you want to install a new GPS system or just to connect your iPod to the audio system of your car, our team can do all that and more, they will prove that the new system is working properly.

Engine Repair

Engine Repair

A car engine is made of hundreds different components working together to ensure that a vehicle starts and runs properly. In time, some of these components may fail or wear out, resulting in a loss of performance, extra fuel consumption and toxic gases. An engine failure is always a bad news. Most of us consider in buying a new car when the engine cracks, because, in most cases, repairing the old engine costs more than replacing the car. Still you should consider taking your vehicle to a specialized car service, like Lincolnwood Car Service. Dedicated engineers will tell you if repairing the engine is less expensive than exchanging it or even selling the car. If otherwise the vehicle is in good conditions, repairing the engine may be the proper solution.

The major causes of engine failure :
- overheating;
- low oil pressure;
- loss of power;
- hard starting;

The engine Check light on the board could indicate one or more problems. But how can we find out what exactly causes the Check Engine light to stay on? Without a proper equipment, we can't. There are hundreds of possibilities, from leaking gas to a broken sensor. A professional inspection can tell us precisely what it needs to be replaced or if repairing the engine costs more that the vehicle itself.

Ignoring some apparently small problems could be a major cause for an engine to failure. It sometimes can happen to suddenly failure. Take an extra care of your vehicle, change the oil on time and pay attention to any reduction in oil, because the oil is the one which cools the rod, main bearings and the pistons. Without enough oil, all these parts
can run hot, leading to engine failure.

Lincolnwood Car Service have high qualified and technicians who will inspect the engine very carefully. Call us or stop by when you think that there is a problem with the vehicle's engine. A full expertize will save you a lot of money and the engine will work properly.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

The car's transmissions is the second most expensive component on a vehicle, next to the engine. Due to its complexity, transmissions are responsible for shifting gears or to reduce the engine's rotational speed and to increase the power to the wheels(torque). The transmissions wear pretty fast, you should check and change the fluid on a regular basis.

Manual or automatic transmission, Carsxperts mechanics can help you with both. A number of diagnostic tests will be the first step on finding if your vehicle needs to have the transmissions replaced or repaired. The second step is to remove the transmission and to carefully inspect every element, in order to clean or to replace them. The transmission will finally be reinstalled on the engine and a few more tests will assure that the engine is working properly.  

If your automatic transmission has no other problem than not retaining fluid, you will need only a reseal service. Our team will remove the transmission from your vehicle and disassemble it to perform the service. In any seals or other components need to be replaced, our team will take care of that. Once the transmission is reinstalled and refilled with clean transmission fluid, the vehicle will be tested to make sure that the transmission is working properly.

If you have problems with your manual transmission it might be your clutch. In this case, our technicians will remove the transmission, inspect the clutch disc and all the other components that interact with it and replace the components that need to be replaced. Once everything is fixed, the transmission refilled with clean fluid and reinstalled, we will perform a lift check to make sure that the clutch was properly installed and is working in the right parameters.


Heating & Cooling

Heating & Cooling

As technology evolved, every vehicle comes equipped with a heating/cooling system. Heating the passenger's cabin during the winter and cooling it during the summer became a must nowadays. The mechanism is not that complicated, hoses are routed from the engine, through the firewall to the passenger's cabin, helped by a "heater core", a miniature radiator. Unfortunately, everything brakes at some point and the heating or the cooling system can fail too.  

Don't wait for the summer to check if the Air Conditioning is working properly. Stop by Lincolnwood Car Service to properly inspect the hoses, the lines and other components for leaks. Our engineers will check the compressor to see if you need a recharge or if a belt needs to be changed. Don't postpone an inspection, because the air conditioning or the heating system can cause the damage of other components as well.

The most likely cause of a vehicle air conditioning cooling problem is no freon in the system. On most of the cases, the compressor will not turn on if the level of freon is too low, because it protects itself from possible damage. Another common problem is the system which blows cold air for a few seconds and then worm air. This can be caused by too much air in the system, which gets to freeze and to stop the system from working properly. Usually, a vacuum pump can solve this problem very fast.

The heating system is very important as well. Winter is so beautiful, but if your vehicle's heating system is not working properly or it's not working at all, the cold could be a real enemy. If the heating system is not working properly, the engine can overheat and it can fail. To avoid severe damages and expensive repairs, Lincolnwood Car Service technicians recommend to have the heating system checked regularly, to help identify potential problems.

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