Engine Tune Ups

Engine tune-ups

Engine tune-ups restore the loss power or performance due to wear, corrosion or deterioration of one or more units. It is very important the tune-ups to be made correctly, using the specifications listed in the Federal laws limiting exhaust emissions. Tune-ups will improve fuel economy, will make the engine start easier and will restore the lost power.

A complete tune-up should be made according to the manufacturer's specifications, every 10.000 to 20.000 miles, depending on the type of the vehicle. Carsxpert Service team are very well prepared and know how to tune-up all types of vehicles, following a few steps:
- changing oil, air and fuel filters;
- check battery fluid level;
- clean battery posts and clamps;
- check for cracked spark plug wires and replacing with new ones;
- adjust idle speed;
- adjust ignition timing.

Tune-ups are very important for your vehicle's maintenance and should be done every year. Observe the vehicle and notice if the gas mileage is decreasing, the vehicle loses power, you hear knocking sounds when accelerating or the check engine light remains on after you start the vehicle. All these problems can be fixed by tune-ups.

Engine tune-ups are always made in line with every vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations. These tune-ups make your engine to start easier, they improve the fuel economy, lower emissions and restore the lost power of the engine. For your vehicle to have the optimum engine performance, you need to look at premium quality tune up parts. Our experienced staff at Carsxperts can help you in choosing the right parts for you type of vehicle, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any questions you might have regarding your car’s engine tune up.

Suspension Tune Ups

Suspension Tune Ups

The suspension system provides a safe ride by assuring that the wheels are always in contact with the road. If the ride turns out to be uncomfortable, it's probably time for suspension tune up. Replacing the worn parts of the suspension system will make your vehicle comfortable, safe and ready for other roads. If your vehicle will not have the suspension system checked, minor problems can reduce steering control and the driving will not be safe anymore.

The suspension system has a number of functions which are vital for your safety. For example, the suspension system maintains the right vehicle ride height and maintains the correct wheel alignment. But the most important function that the suspension system has is that it keeps the vehicle tires in contact with the road. A single worn shock absorber can increase the stopping distance by 2 meters, and this happens when a vehicle runs with only 50kmph. Suspension tune-ups are not only necessary, but are vital for the safety of your family.
Carsexperts is the number-one place for tune-ups or suspension services for your car in Chicago land area. To keep your car in the best driving shape possible and to get the most out of your driving it, tune ups are recommended every two years, or every 30,000 miles. Our suspension tune up services include replacement of the PVC valve, spark plugs and wires. We also check and change, if needed, any other parts that connect to the suspension system of your vehicle. Carsexperts mechanics are experienced in working on all major types of automobiles. We guarantee you will have your car tuned up and ready to go in no time.


Car Electronics

Car electronics

If you want to add more functionality to your vehicle, Carsxpert is the best solution. Stop by or call us for an appointment and let our professionals handle the audio or the video system of your car. Don't worry if you don't have one, we will gladly install a new and advanced one, according to your needs. All new devices installed by our team will fit perfectly in your vehicle and will also look great. Let us worry about the electronics in your car and you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied on the road.

Electronic services offered by Carsxpert:
- installation kits;
- replacing or installing accessories;
- replacing or installing security systems;
- installing new technologies: satellite radio, Bluetooth, iPod connections, and GPS.    
- fixing any problems on your audio system;
- installing or replacing DVDs.

Years of experience recommend Carsxpert staff when dealing with auto electronics or service. Fitting of electrical or electronic systems or finding or fixing faults will no longer be a problem, our trained technicians are able to resolve different electrical or electronic problems. Most of the vehicles are controlled by an electric or electronic device, this is why Carsxpert offers a team of specialized engineers, who can repair or replace different components.

Our services are customer focused, offering solutions which will make your driving easier. Whether the alarm system failed or the stereo needs to be replaced, whether you want to install a new GPS system or just to connect your iPod to the audio system of your car, our team can do all that and more, they will prove that the new system is working properly.

Exhaust Tune Ups

Exhaust Tune Ups

Reducing noise or environmental pollution is our main concern when checking a vehicle. This is why we recommend to schedule your maintenance exhaust system regularly. All its components, Exhaust manifold, Exhaust pipes, Catalytic Converter, Center section and Rear silencer assembly, they all work together to keep you safe and quiet on the road. A good exhaust system improves your vehicle's efficiency. If the system is of high performance it gives your car more power and style.

With the exhaust system running improperly, your vehicle will lose power or to run poorly. There are many factors which contribute to its failure. For example, road conditions or your driving habits may damage the exhaust system. The age of the vehicle is another major factor, in time, all the components damage if they are not maintain correctly. The exhaust system converts pollutants into less harmful byproducts and provides the correct pressure into the engine, to increase performance.

Our company offers professional exhaust services, according to your wishes and your vehicle's needs. Make an appointment and we will provide you an exhaust system inspection. Control the noise, drive healthy and safe with a efficient exhaust system. Contact out team of professionals for the ultimate upgrade of your vehicle’s exhaust system.


Car Starters and Alarm Systems

Car Starters and Alarm Systems

If you are looking for reliable and professional car security, remote start and keyless entry installation in your vehicle you came to the right place. We take care of everything. Our professionals work with a pre-installation and post-installation checklist to ensure you get the best services.

Car alarm are a necessity nowadays, considering that most of the stolen cars are never recovered! Don't take risks and install an alarm system if you don't have it already or have it replaced or repaired if it causes any problems. The installation of an alarm system is pretty complicated, considering that it involves connecting it to the battery and other steps which may require changes to the interior of the vehicle. Let Carsxpert professionals do the job and just enjoy the final result!

A remote car starter can make your winter days warn and summer days cold. A remote car starter allows you to turn on your car from the inside, from your home or your workplace. A comfortable ride is what you need after a busy day at work and installing a remote car started will do the job. You might think that you should park your car very close to your home or workplace, but the remote car starter work from up to 500 to 1,000 feet away. Besides the fact that it makes your life easier, it also brings some convenient features, like keyless entry, car locators, integrated alarm systems or phone activation.

Installing a remote car starter will not only bring comfort, but will also extend of the engine's life. Even the process is complicated, our technicians will handle the job perfect. We will also help you to choose the best match for your vehicle and will also explain     how it works and its benefits. When you call for an appointment, please  speak with a Carsxpert autotech for more details regarding your vehicle type. Don't forget to to bring the alarm/remote start/keyless entry system you'd like to have installed together with any other parts you may have purchased for the installation.

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