Schedule Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance: What could be a better way to prevent potential damages to your car than a regular maintenance? Follow your manufacturer's recommended maintenance and you can be sure that your driving will be safe.Things like changing the oil or removing a dirty filter could not seem that important, but, in general, the slightest problems lead to the major ones.

 The Maintenance Schedule establishes how frequently you should have your car services, so that the little things that could need attention to be properly solved. It's critical to follow the maintenance schedule, to keep its high safety level. Scheduled Maintenance Services offered by Lincolnwood Car Expert:- checking out the brakes, hoses and emissions;- replacement of various filters or fluids;- other specific services for different vehicle models.

To keep your warranty valid, you must keep your maintenance service complete. A fast, high quality service performed by our experts will ensure that your car service is complete. Our team will give you a real estimate for your vehicle's maintenance and will schedule it for proper carrying asap. Working only with specialized personnel who is always prepared and acquainted with the latest technologies and manufacturer's specification, Lincolnwood Car Expert can guarantee that your vehicle will be regular maintained according to its manual and driving conditions.

 Take 2 minutes and think about the advantages which a proper maintenance have. First of all, your safety is our main concern, this is why every scheduled maintenance is treated correspondent and individual. Second of all, if you respect the scheduled maintenance for your vehicle, you avoid accidental brake downs or uncontrolled leaking.Other people's safety should also influence your opinion. Call Lincolnwood Car Expert and schedule your vehicle for a proper maintenance care or just jump in if you're close-by.

Fuel System

Fuel System Services

Pressing the acceleration pedal, the driver controls how much gas and air to pump into the system. Along with them, small particles of dust and impurities easily pass into the fuel system and decrease the performance of your vehicle. Power loss, hesitation when accelerating or bigger fuel consumption can be caused by clogged fuel injectors. Left untreated, these apparently small issues can harm the engine and produce expensive repairing.

But having your fuel system cleaned by our professional team will improve the performance of your vehicle, will improve acceleration and will reduce the emission of harmful exhaust. At Lincolnwood Car Expert we follow few steps to deliver complete fuel system services.

Deep cleaning : Designed to entirely clean the fuel system, we use a concentrated formula which will softly remove the dust particles, will dissolve gum and will clean the intake valves of deposit buildup. Due to the high quality cleaning formula, the fuel injectors, the carburetor, the intake valves and the combustion chamber will be as good as new and will visible improve the performance of your vehicle.

Adding Conditioner : After applying a professional cleaner, all fuel system components must be protected. This is why our dedicated team uses a high quality conditioner to protect the system in the future. Its formula reduces the engine wear and increases its lifetime. We deliver professional services, this is why reducing the engine friction, saving fuel, and increasing the vehicle's power are the results which we accomplish after complete fuel system services.

Induction Cleaner: Adding special cleaning agents into the induction system will definitely make a difference. Your vehicle performance will improve, as well as the acceleration. Your car will be powerful and you will be able to tell the difference.

Depending on the type of your vehicle, every 15.000 to 30.000 miles, your vehicle should have a cleaning fuel system. As a professional service, Lincolnwood Car Expert advices its clients to change the oil filter as well, along with a complete fuel cleaning service. Call us for anappointment or just drop in for a free consultation.

Filters Replacement

Filters Replacement

As many other components of any vehicle, air and fuel filters need to be changed once in a while. Besides the air filter and the fuel filter which most of us know, some other filters need to be taken cared of, for the safety of your family and for a clean environment as well. All filters need to be changed, in order to maintain the performance of your vehicle.  

Air Filters:
As an important part of the combustion process, keeping the air which enters the engine clean is a must. Some experts say that the air filter needs to be changed every 3000 miles, in the same time with changing the oil. Some other experts say that changing it every 15000 miles is ideal. Reading about this could lead to confusion and late replacement of the filter. The best option still remains consulting the vehicle's manual and to follow the manufacurer's recommendations.

Oil Filters:
Even it sounds like an easy job, changing the oil filters is a complex procedure. It's recommended to see an expert on replacing the oil filter, along with changing the oil. As small as it is, this filter has an important job to do, to maintain the engine out of impurities, so that the performance of the vehicle would remain at a high level. Check your vehicle's manual to see how often the oil filter must be changed and bring your car to a specialized service to change it. Lincolnwood Car Expert offers only high quality services, as well as a professional team of mechanics who will take a very good care of your car.

Fuel Filters:
Impurities and dirt can damange fuel injectors, which will lead to low vehicle performance or high fuel comsumption level in some cases and total engine shut down in other cases. As well as the other filters, it's highly recommended to read the manufacturer's manual to see the optimal time to consult a professional service like Lincolnwood Car Expert, for changing the fuel filter.

Cabin air filter:
You probably already know how important is to have these filters clean, for the health of you and your family. Keeping the air clean in the car it's a must, so read the vehicle's manual to see how often these filters need to be changed.

PCV Valve / Breather Service:
Even if t's considered "the beginning of automobile emission control", not all vehicles are equipped with PCV Valve (positive crankcase ventilation) and breather. But the ones they do have, they must be cleaned regularly, so that poor acceleration or reduced engine performance could be avoided.

On any kind of replacement your vehicle needs, Lincolnwood Car Expert will provide a team of dedicated technicians who will replace and recycle the used filters. Call us or just drop in, to benefit of our high standard filter replacement services.

Flush Services

Flush service

Lincolnwood Car Expert offers the following flush services:

1. Transmission Flush

In order to protect your cars transmission, every 30.000 miles you should get a transmission flush. In some cases, depending on the type of the vehicle, you may need a transmission flush sooner. Here are some of the signs when you should perform a transmission flush:
- problem shifting gears: whether you want to change into second gear or you want to take it off, you may observe some small problems, like the delay that the car has on shifting gears;
- because of the dirt that the transmission can have, the gear shift can jump out;
- delay in vehicle movement.
Performing a transmission flush, you will improve your car's transmission fluid life, by preventing leaks and removing contaminated fluid from the system. Putting our clients needs on the top, Lincolnwood Car Expert offers complete transmission flush services, so that overheating or shifting problems would become history.

2. Cooling System Flush

Cooling system flush is considered to be the basic maintenance for the cooling system, operation that will improve your vehicle's performances and will prevent overheating. Using Lincolnwood Car Expert cooling system services, our professional technicians will remove rust and scale deposits, procedure that will stop overheating or breakdown. A cooling system flush operation will protect the coolant against leaks or corrosion which may lead to a system failure.

3. Power Steering Service

Dirty power steering fluid can compromise the performance of your steering system. Neglecting the service of the power system can cause noise, can reduce the steering efficiency or worse, can lead to expensive repairs of your vehicle. A dedicated team of experts gathered at Lincolnwood Car Expert will carefully remove the old fluid from the reservoir, will flush the entire system using only proper equipments and will refill the system with quality fluid, recommended by the manufacturer. Keep your vehicle power steering system clean for your safety and for a long life of your vehicle and be sure that using Lincolnwood Car Expert services, you will avoid extra costs.

4. Fuel Injection Service

Performing a fuel injection service will remove the dirt particles from the fuel system, which will help improving the vehicle's performance, as well as its acceleration. When injectors are dirty, the fuel doesn't burn efficiently. At Lincolnwood Car Expert, fuel injection service is provided by a team of experts, who will carefully clean the intake system, using concentrated fuel injector cleaning, so that the system will deliver the proper amount of fuel, avoiding the loss of power.

Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement

The battery supplies electrical power to the starter and to other electrical components which are necessary to start the engine. Everybody knows that the battery is one of the most important pieces of the vehicle, because without it, the car wouldn't be able to hit the road. The battery provides power to start the engine, it stores energy and it also provides power to other electrical components, like the radio or central lock system.

Depending on the type of your vehicle, the battery lasts from 3 to 5 years. If you will not test your vehicle's battery, it could fail in the most inconvenient time. Maintaining and replacing the battery at the right time, it could save you a lot of trouble. Don't forget that batteries are a major cause of vehicle breakdown. Our experts advises you to test your battery every 3 oil changes, to see if it needs to be replaced or a simple recharge it's enough.

What can be the cause of a battery breakdown?

According to your climate and your driving conditions, batteries will fail faster or can last longer. The vehicle's manual can tell you when to expect to recharge or to replace your car's battery. It's best to resolve the problem before it comes up, otherwise, in a very cold morning when you will be late at work, your car's engine won't start. But if something else goes wrong in the electrical system, like a short circuit or a weak alternator, the battery can provide less energy than it should, finally causing its death.

A discharged battery could provide some clues to whether it will last another year or it's best to have it tested. The most important clue is its age. If your battery is older than 3 years, you might want to have it tested. Another important clue is your driving habits. For example, if you drive your car only once a week, the battery could breakdown faster than everyday driving. From time to time, take a look at the battery. If you observe corrosion or stains, it means that you have a leak.

No matter if your battery needs to be replaced or a simple recharge would be enough, Lincolnwood Car Expert will take a very good care of your car's vehicle. According to our clients needs, our battery replacement services include the following:
- visual inspection of the battery, including the cables;
- measuring the CCA of the battery;
- cleaning the battery if needed;
- replacing the battery if needed.

Either you need the replacement of the battery or a simple recharge, at the end, our teams will test the battery. Remember that an early testing of the battery could save you a lot of trouble.

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