Transmission Repair

The car’s transmissions is the second most expensive component on a vehicle, next to the engine. Due to its complexity, transmissions are responsible for shifting gears or to reduce the engine’s rotational speed and to increase the power to the wheels(torque). The transmissions wear pretty fast, you should check and change the fluid on a regular basis.

Manual or automatic transmission, Carsxperts mechanics can help you with both. A number of diagnostic tests will be the first step on finding if your vehicle needs to have the transmissions replaced or repaired. The second step is to remove the transmission and to carefully inspect every element, in order to clean or to replace them. The transmission will finally be reinstalled on the engine and a few more tests will assure that the engine is working properly.  

If your automatic transmission has no other problem than not retaining fluid, you will need only a reseal service. Our team will remove the transmission from your vehicle and disassemble it to perform the service. In any seals or other components need to be replaced, our team will take care of that. Once the transmission is reinstalled and refilled with clean transmission fluid, the vehicle will be tested to make sure that the transmission is working properly.

If you have problems with your manual transmission it might be your clutch. In this case, our technicians will remove the transmission, inspect the clutch disc and all the other components that interact with it and replace the components that need to be replaced. Once everything is fixed, the transmission refilled with clean fluid and reinstalled, we will perform a lift check to make sure that the clutch was properly installed and is working in the right parameters.