Shocks and struts are a part of the suspension system. The suspension system offers control when you’re driving and without it, your vehicle would bounce continuously. Shocks, struts and springs make the ride comfortable. Even if manufacturers don’t recommend a specific interval for replacing the suspension system or parts of it, for your safety,
every 50 000 miles you should replace the shocks and struts.
How will you know when to replace shocks and struts?
It’s quite hard to know when to replace them if they are not leaking or totally damaged. Shocks and struts damage progressively over time and the small inconveniences usually pass unnoticed. One of the things that you can do to figure out if you need to replace them is to think about how long has it been since their last replacement. New shocks and struts would really improve the ride quality.
 Why should we replace the shocks and struts?
– keeps the vehicle from bouncing
– excessive bouncing can lead to a comfortless experience
– unsafe driving conditions
– worn shocks and struts doesn’t transform the ride into a nightmare, but it increases the distance to stop the vehicle   on a rough surface
– a new pair of shocks and struts will restore the proper ride control

To replace the shocks is an easy to do job and you can do it yourself. Many auto passionate drivers choose to replace the shocks by themselves, but when it comes to struts, they choose to leave a professional to handle the job. Struts replacement involves the disassemble of the suspension system and even if you would know how to do that, you should consider that the wheels must be realigned after this process. Lincolnwood Car Service provides you exactly what you need for  your safety: a team of specialists who will carefully replace the shocks and struts, reestablishing the safety for you and your family. Call us for an appointment or just top by to benefit from our professional services.