Fuel System Services

Pressing the acceleration pedal, the driver controls how much gas and air to pump into the system. Along with them, small particles of dust and impurities easily pass into the fuel system and decrease the performance of your vehicle. Power loss, hesitation when accelerating or bigger fuel consumption can be caused by clogged fuel injectors. Left untreated, these apparently small issues can harm the engine and produce expensive repairing.

But having your fuel system cleaned by our professional team will improve the performance of your vehicle, will improve acceleration and will reduce the emission of harmful exhaust. At Lincolnwood Car Expert we follow few steps to deliver complete fuel system services.

Deep cleaning : Designed to entirely clean the fuel system, we use a concentrated formula which will softly remove the dust particles, will dissolve gum and will clean the intake valves of deposit buildup. Due to the high quality cleaning formula, the fuel injectors, the carburetor, the intake valves and the combustion chamber will be as good as new and will visible improve the performance of your vehicle.

Adding Conditioner : After applying a professional cleaner, all fuel system components must be protected. This is why our dedicated team uses a high quality conditioner to protect the system in the future. Its formula reduces the engine wear and increases its lifetime. We deliver professional services, this is why reducing the engine friction, saving fuel, and increasing the vehicle’s power are the results which we accomplish after complete fuel system services.

Induction Cleaner: Adding special cleaning agents into the induction system will definitely make a difference. Your vehicle performance will improve, as well as the acceleration. Your car will be powerful and you will be able to tell the difference.

Depending on the type of your vehicle, every 15.000 to 30.000 miles, your vehicle should have a cleaning fuel system. As a professional service, Lincolnwood Car Expert advices its clients to change the oil filter as well, along with a complete fuel cleaning service. Call us for anappointment or just drop in for a free consultation.