Filters Replacement

As many other components of any vehicle, air and fuel filters need to be changed once in a while. Besides the air filter and the fuel filter which most of us know, some other filters need to be taken cared of, for the safety of your family and for a clean environment as well. All filters need to be changed, in order to maintain the performance of your vehicle.  

Air Filters:
As an important part of the combustion process, keeping the air which enters the engine clean is a must. Some experts say that the air filter needs to be changed every 3000 miles, in the same time with changing the oil. Some other experts say that changing it every 15000 miles is ideal. Reading about this could lead to confusion and late replacement of the filter. The best option still remains consulting the vehicle’s manual and to follow the manufacurer’s recommendations.

Oil Filters:
Even it sounds like an easy job, changing the oil filters is a complex procedure. It’s recommended to see an expert on replacing the oil filter, along with changing the oil. As small as it is, this filter has an important job to do, to maintain the engine out of impurities, so that the performance of the vehicle would remain at a high level. Check your vehicle’s manual to see how often the oil filter must be changed and bring your car to a specialized service to change it. Lincolnwood Car Expert offers only high quality services, as well as a professional team of mechanics who will take a very good care of your car.

Fuel Filters:
Impurities and dirt can damange fuel injectors, which will lead to low vehicle performance or high fuel comsumption level in some cases and total engine shut down in other cases. As well as the other filters, it’s highly recommended to read the manufacturer’s manual to see the optimal time to consult a professional service like Lincolnwood Car Expert, for changing the fuel filter.

Cabin air filter:
You probably already know how important is to have these filters clean, for the health of you and your family. Keeping the air clean in the car it’s a must, so read the vehicle’s manual to see how often these filters need to be changed.

PCV Valve / Breather Service:
Even if t’s considered “the beginning of automobile emission control”, not all vehicles are equipped with PCV Valve (positive crankcase ventilation) and breather. But the ones they do have, they must be cleaned regularly, so that poor acceleration or reduced engine performance could be avoided.

On any kind of replacement your vehicle needs, Lincolnwood Car Expert will provide a team of dedicated technicians who will replace and recycle the used filters. Call us or just drop in, to benefit of our high standard filter replacement services.