Car electronics

If you want to add more functionality to your vehicle, Carsxpert is the best solution. Stop by or call us for an appointment and let our professionals handle the audio or the video system of your car. Don’t worry if you don’t have one, we will gladly install a new and advanced one, according to your needs. All new devices installed by our team will fit perfectly in your vehicle and will also look great. Let us worry about the electronics in your car and you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied on the road.

Electronic services offered by Carsxpert:
– installation kits;
– replacing or installing accessories;
– replacing or installing security systems;
– installing new technologies: satellite radio, Bluetooth, iPod connections, and GPS.    
– fixing any problems on your audio system;
– installing or replacing DVDs.

Years of experience recommend Carsxpert staff when dealing with auto electronics or service. Fitting of electrical or electronic systems or finding or fixing faults will no longer be a problem, our trained technicians are able to resolve different electrical or electronic problems. Most of the vehicles are controlled by an electric or electronic device, this is why Carsxpert offers a team of specialized engineers, who can repair or replace different components.

Our services are customer focused, offering solutions which will make your driving easier. Whether the alarm system failed or the stereo needs to be replaced, whether you want to install a new GPS system or just to connect your iPod to the audio system of your car, our team can do all that and more, they will prove that the new system is working properly.