Brake Services

When talking about the brakes of your vehicle, never ignore the smallest problems hoping that they will fix themselves. Traffic lights, walkers or a ball jumping in front of your vehicle make you hit the brake. We all usually count on the brakes, but if we don’t take care of them may cause problems. You never know when you need to hit the brakes, so a proper care of your vehicle’s brake system is required. Efficient brakes are a must for a safe drive.

Most brake problems can be diagnosed and repaired before causing different problems. Every time you hit the pedal, the high heat and pressure wear the pads or the shoes down. If they are not replaced at the right moment, they can damage the rotor. If you feel that it takes longer than usual for your vehicle to stop when you push the pedal, then it’s time to have them checked. Don’t wait until they break down to see a specialist. You could hurt yourself and other people could be in danger.

These are a few signs which can make think about having your brakes checked:

– brake warning light remaining on;
– brake pedal too soft or to hard;
– sounds like squealing or grinding heard from the wheels.
Don’t forget that driving without having good brakes is as dangerous for you as it is for others. This is why your vehicle should have the brake system completely checked. A complete brake job doesn’t miss anything to save time or money. Safety is the main concern when you will bring your vehicle at Lincolnwood Car Service and even the  slightest problem will be detected and resolved. Call us or just stop by and our specialists will take a good care of your vehicle’s brake system.